"Step inside a Lynchian underworld that takes its cues from
Bill Callahan’s alt-country-tinged Smog project and indie-folk icon Elliot Smith"
Dazed & Confused

"You could call the country-inflected sound of John-Paul & The Sirens of Titan
an otherworldly existential blues for the 21st century"

“Apocalypse Sessions has the ‘live-in-session’ feel of classic albums,
such as Beggar’s Banquet, while also feeling vital and modern”
Boys By Girls

"A dark, understated acoustic-led offering with classical depth and scope”

"If you can do something with the strange expressionistic, drug-shattered solo works of Syd Barrett after his removal from Pink Floyd, you will also well receive John-Paul & The Sirens of Titan"

“A melancholic  record, which seems noticeably influenced by Neil Young and
Bob Dylan… even a Pink Floyd psychedelia is noticeable here”
Power Metal

"Apocalypse Sessions contains the hallmarks of melancholia, desire and transgression that underpins
all John-Paul’s work, inviting the listener into a raw, flawed and poetic dreamtime"
A Shaded View On Fashion Film

The Sirens of Titan are a musical project by author/songwriter John-Paul Pryor and the musicians Sami Salo and Jez Leather. The debut album  Apocalypse Sessions was recorded with the producer Andy Strange in a series of live sessions. The album is available on vinyl and CD as well as iTunes and Spotify via Schubert Music Publishing and on Bruit Blanc records (France) and Smile records (Europe).

The Sirens of Titan wider collective of musicians features Emma Cooper (saxophone) Phoebe White (vocals), Sarah Kaldor De Winter (cello), Courtney Murray (vocals), Mike Pickering (drums), Matt Millership (piano), Bethia Beadman (Vocals),  Robbie PInna (bass).