"Existential blues for the 21st Century"

“Has the ‘live in session’ feel of classic albums, such as Beggar’s Banquet, while also feeling vital and modern”

"Enter a Lynchian underworld"

"A dark, understated acoustic-led offering with classical depth and scope”

"A modern blues outfit whose songs are focused on an extreme present"

The Sirens of Titan are a musical project by author/songwriter John-Paul Pryor and the musicians Sami Salo and Jez Leather. The debut album  Apocalypse Sessions was recorded over a three-month period with the producer Andy Strange in a series of live sessions.

Each song on the album is being interpreted by a different contemporary visual provocateur throughout 2017. The album will be available on vinyl and CD as we as iTunes and Spotify via Schubert Music Publishing and is released April 2017 on Bruit Blanc records (France) and Smile records (Europe).

The Sirens of Titan wider collective of musicians features Emma Cooper (saxophone) Phoebe White (vocals), Sarah Kaldor De Winter (cello), Courtney Murray (vocals), Mike Pickering (drums), Matt Millership (piano), Robbie PInna (bass).