By John-Paul Pryor

"“A full-on miasma of sex, violence and shuddering anonymity punctuated by glimpses of the sublime”
Henry Hemming, Author

"The scattered emotional responses of a young man lost in the dream of life, hungering for connection and meaning"
Billy Childish, Author

“A dreamlike vision of a lawless dystopian future London, focusing on several characters embroiled in an ultra-violent society and Videodrome-esque psychosexual matrix”
Dazed & Confused

“Pryor’s poetic mixture of raw violence and transcendence is reminiscent of another debut – rebel outsider Jean Genet’s tale of the Montmartre criminal underworld, Our Lady of The Flowers. Like Genet, he trawls the depths of a nightmare, finding beauty in his children of misfortune”
AnOther Magazine

“A hallucinatory ride through a Ballardian future London with a drug-addled population engaged in prostitution and  biological warfare, and more”
Cool Hunting